Mapping Reno’s Unhoused Population

By Kingkini Sengupta

Various Nevada nonprofit organizations collect data in order to provide much-needed services to Reno’s population of unhoused people. One of these nonprofit organizations, Eddy House, works with houseless and at-risk youth to help them develop the life and job skills necessary for sustainable independence. Eddy House CEO Trevor Macaluso explains how data curation helps connect vulnerable individuals to their support network:

“When a new individual comes into our care,” says Macaluso, “They fill out a bunch of paperwork, or a case-manager helps them fill that out alongside them, and that’s how we collect all of the data. And then our intake staff puts it into Apricot.”

Apricot is an online data-organization platform that caters to organizations serving unhoused populations. The platform logs and tracks client profiles, which allows case managers to visualize these datasets with maps and graphs. This data entry helps caseworkers better ascertain the resources available to the people they serve, as well as to demonstrate the efficacy and needs of their program in the grant-writing process.

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