Women In STEM Series Presents: Dr. Jenny Ouyang

Jenny Ouyang smiles in a red dress and a white hat.

Dr. Jenny Ouyang is an ecologist at UNR, studying how animals adapt to changing environmental conditions. We spoke with her about her career and the challenges she has faced as a woman of color in STEM.

Women In STEM Series: Dr. Laina Geary

A photo of Dr. Laina Geary, a synthetic organic chemist at UNR

Dr. Laina Geary is a synthetic organic chemist and a professor at University of Nevada Reno. The Hitchcock Project spoke with Dr. Geary about her work and her experience as a woman in a male-dominated STEM field. HP: What is the focus of your research? LG: We are a synthetic organic chemistry group, so we’re […]

The Lasting Effects of Repeated Concussions

Two bisected brains are positioned next to each other. The brain on the left is the brain of a normal 27 year old and has very few dark spaces between its wrinkles. The brain on the right is the brain of Aaron Hernandez and has very prominent, dark spaces between its fold. Two arrows indicate ventricular enlargement and the atrophy of the fornix in the center of the brain.

The devastating and life-altering medical consequences of getting knocked out cold are far from what the movies have made them out to be. Dr. Marian Berryhill of the University of Nevada, Reno Department of Psychology explains the effects of repeated concussions observed in professional athletes.