Galena Creek Restoration Project: Keeping Dirt Out of Your Water

By Kylene Yumul, Janice Baker and Trina Kleist
By Kylene Yumul, Janice Baker and Trina Kleist

Galena Creek flows into the Truckee River – and so does the silt from eroded areas along the waterway. That erosion affects the water quality for approximately 430,000 residents in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area.

Restoration here not only helps water quality but forms the base of a larger program to educate Washoe County children about watershed stewardship, based at the Galena Creek Visitors Center.

A guided hike, a tour of the visitor center and talks with waterway experts reveal how a project worked by area schoolchildren contributes to the health of everyone in the Truckee River watershed.

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