What Happens (To Our Bodies) After We Die

An animated outline of a prone human body with purple, green, and gray discoloration representing decay. On the upper-right corner, an animated timer with the hand pointed at 11:00 symbolizes the amount of time that has passed.

e is much speculation about what happens to our consciousness after we die — but there is no debate on what happens to the corpse we leave behind! From death to skeletonization, Amelia Fuentes presents an animated timeline of the various stages of decomposition of the human body.

The Science Of Why Marijuana Makes Your Eyes Red

An animated marijuana grinder. The lid is hovering slightly over the instrument, revealing a pinch of marijuana.

Marijuana use is indelibly associated with red eyes — have you ever wondered why? In this animated short, Sophie Geyrosaga explains how marijuana consumption may temporarily affect the circulatory system, dilating blood vessels in the eyes to the point that they might appear to be bloodshot!

How Visible Light Affects the Human Body

The upper-left quadrant of a Shelly Suh's face. Her eye, eyebrow, and a lock of her hair are visible.

All life evolved under the sun — so it makes sense that the planet’s 24-hour light regime is deeply connected to human health. But how much does visible light affect our body’s functionality?

The Lasting Effects of Repeated Concussions

Two bisected brains are positioned next to each other. The brain on the left is the brain of a normal 27 year old and has very few dark spaces between its wrinkles. The brain on the right is the brain of Aaron Hernandez and has very prominent, dark spaces between its fold. Two arrows indicate ventricular enlargement and the atrophy of the fornix in the center of the brain.

The devastating and life-altering medical consequences of getting knocked out cold are far from what the movies have made them out to be. Dr. Marian Berryhill of the University of Nevada, Reno Department of Psychology explains the effects of repeated concussions observed in professional athletes.