Life Finds a Way: How Scientists Could Revive Extinct Animals

A green, two-dimensional brachiosaurus on a background of lined notebook paper. The animal is facing the right.

Bringing back the wooly mammoth? It’s not just fodder for speculative fiction! In this animated short, Luis Martinez walks us through the theoretical process of restoring an extinct species with the scattered remains of its genetic material.

‘Asian Glow’ Is The Body’s Warning To Avoid Alcohol

A simplified human form blushes heavily. A cross-section of their stomach is filled with a pale brown liquid.

Those have the “Alcohol Flush Reaction” gene may notice their face turns a bright red hue after drinking alcohol. In this short animation, Joffea Burgos demonstrates how this symptom is triggered and “toasts” its purpose to warn individuals with this condition that they are more prone to alcohol-related diseases.